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Industrial steam is an important part of most process industries, but can cost immensely if overlooked. Understanding the correct cost of steam is vital, and will impact on your company’s bottom line. Significant savings in the generation and use of steam can be made by operating a steam system as efficiently as possible.

Wade Industrial was established in 1985, to provide quality products and services for the construction and maintenance of industrial plant, with emphasis on steam distribution and condensate recovery systems.

Our specialized engineers are fully qualified, and have over sixty years combined experience in engineering design, construction and plant maintenance, including mining, food and beverage, civil engineering and general engineering fields. Our clients include many large and small companies throughout South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique, as well as many local provincial administrations.

If your company is not using steam efficiently, you need to contact us now!

Inefficiencies in a steam system can cause:

  1. Direct financial losses due to incorrect layout and lack of maintenance.
  2. Losses in production and quality of product.

Losses due to incorrect layout and lack of maintenance can result in:

  • Wrong or incorrectly sized equipment being installed.
  •  Non-recovery of condensate, and loss of live steam through leaking steam traps, joints and valve glands.
  • Lack of thermal insulation.

The reasons for the these losses can easily be identified, and potential losses calculated. Considerable savings in operating costs can be realized quickly through simple repair and maintenance.

Losses in production and quality of product can be due to either:

  • Lack of sufficient energy to maintain correct manufacturing parameters.
  • Variations in the temperature or humidity of the manufacturing process.

These losses can be considerable and difficult to ascertain, and will vary between industries and products. Let Wade Industrial help you optimize your process and reap the rewards of an efficient steam distribution system.