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Typical Steam System

Understanding a Basic Steam System Layout

In an industrial environment, steam plants are designed to benefit optimum energy from the boiler output. The following outlines the typical setup of an efficient steam system.

Summary of a typical system

Input Water

The local source of raw water to a factory will inevitably contain dissolved minerals and gasses, and my also not be 100% clean. This will cause problems in the boiler, distribution system, and related equipment.

Treatment of Raw Water

Water treatment is essential to purify the raw water, and remove dissolved particles and gasses. Various methods are employed to treat water, and the method used depends on the water quality required. Failure to treat water correctly will result in problems throughout the steam system.

Water Feed Tank

Once water has been treated it gets stored in the feed tank, ready to supply the boiler. If condensate is returned into the water feed tank it is necessary to include a deaerator in the feed tank, as condensate may come into contact with air drawn into the system. Lagging and insulation are very important on the water feed tank, or massive heat losses my occur.

The Boiler

The heart of a steam system, the boiler is heated by burning fuels such as coal or gas, and produces steam from water. Some water treatment may also be carried out in the boiler to prevent corrosion and “wet steam” causing foam. Many different types of boiler are available, however, using the wrong boiler for a certain application may have costly implications.

Boiler Blowdown System

An efficient blowdown system is a critical part of a boiler. As water turns to steam and escapes into the delivery, dissolved impurities in the water remain in the boiler and become concentrated. Failure to remove adequate amounts of impure water will cause the boiler to corrode and lose efficiency. However, removing too much water at one time will cause the boiler to cool, resulting in wasted energy.

Distribution System

In a nutshell... the steam system pipes that distribute the needed steam to the related equipment.

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