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"Steam is a widely used and efficient source of energy, and in industrial engineering applications, efficient heating and condensate recovery is critical."

Wade Industrial was established in 1985 to provide quality products and services for the design, construction and maintenance of industrial plant with emphasis on steam distribution and condensate recovery systems, including valves, pipes, pumps, flanges, gaskets, pipes / pipelines and pipe fittings.

Steam condensation heat transfer proves to be a much more effective and time-saving heating method than does convection heating with oil or other mediums.

Indirect heating, or "heat exchange", is the process whereby gaseous steam transfers it's heat through the surface area of the heat exchange device to the substance being heated. The steam returns to a liquid state, and is recovered for re-use.

During the last few years we have served many sectors, including most of the sawmills, tobacco, meat produce and related industries in and around Southern Africa, including:

  • Designed and installed boiler feed-water and condensate recovery systems.
  • Built equipment and facilities both on-site and off.
  • Conducted steam trap surveys and management.
  • Serviced steam trap sets and pipe accessories on site.
  • Supplied and maintained steam and condensate related equipment.
  • Plus we have given many seminars with instruction and in-house training.
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We would welcome any opportunity to be of service your organization, and can assure you of our very best attention at all times.
 TLV GP10 Pump Assembly
TLV GP10 condensate pump assembled by Wade Industrial -  Steam, Valve and Pipeline Specialits
TLV GP10 Condensate Pump
Assembled by Wade Industrial.
Includes in-house designed mounting
rails for easy maintenance access.

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